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Le site : "" reprend notre installation " l'art de penser - human brain coral "
Afin d'illustrer l'utilisation de l'acier corten et l'art dans la ville


Art Market Hamptons - NY


August 11-14th

Nova's Ark Project & Sculpture

Park60 Millstone RoadWater Mill,

NY 11976


art market hampton.jpg



L'Art de Penser  human-brain -coral


Ce samedi 18 septembre à 14h30 inauguration du projet Confluence : magnifique aménagement du site du Grognon par la ville de Namur qui nous a sollicité avec la société Interparking pour réaliser une œuvre monumentale en acier Corten de 50m de long intitulée : "L'Art de penser, human-brain-coral"


Présentation du projet confluence de la ville de Namur:

Yolanda & H Grognon Confluence Namur
Yolanda & H Grognon Confluence Namur
Capture d’écran 2021-04-20 à 19.33.50.

Présentation du projet confluence de la ville de Namur:


Parcours d'artistes - Entrepôt Royale de Tour & Taxis


Notre nouvelle commande publique dans le cadre de l'aménagement du "Grognon" à Namur.

Installation prévue en mars 2021.



L'Art de rêver


Installation de " l'Art de Rever "  Bibliothèque francophone de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean - commande publique de la commune de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean et de la Communauté Wallonie Bruxelles.



Hôte Gallery

Celebration - 3 years - 30 artits

Openning : 10/01/2020 6-9 pm

expo : 10/01 > 09/02


RueHaute, 203 - 1000 Brussels


Tel : +32-2-502 50 83

Art Forum Gallery : Napelsstraat, 36 - 2000 Antwerpen
T 03/234 21 60 -  -
26 jan - 27 march / only by appointment


Divorce Season 3 ep 1 .jpg

Our sculptures featured on HBO series


Many sculptures by Yolanda & H were featured in HBO series DIVORCE season 3 episode 1 “The Gallery” by Sarah Jessica Parker.
Thank you to our gallery in New York :Michele Mariaud Gallery

Hôte Gallery

Duo with the painter François Coorens

1 > 24 - 02 - 2019


RueHaute, 203 - 1000 Brussels


Tel : +32-2-502 50 83

Très chouette concert de Mercelis



Bibliothèque de Molenbeek Saint Jean

Inauguration ce lundi 8 octobre du chantier de la nouvelle bibliothèque communale de Molenbeek Saint Jean en présence de tous les acteurs du projet. Présentation de notre installation " l'Art de Rêver" qui sera installée dans le hall d'entrée.

July 5 - 8 / 2018 - The Bridgehampton Museum - 2368 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton, NY


  Michele Mariaud Gallery



Begramoff Gallery

206 rue Stevin - B 1000 Brussels - Belgium

Duo with the cuban painter Diosdado Hernandez Gavilan

25/04/2018 > 22/06//2018

Opening : 24/04 18h00 > 21h00



Gallerie Brigitte Ruffin

Art Espace 83

83 av du 11 Novembre - 17000 - La Rochelle - France


Solo show

05/05/2018 > 23/06//2018

Vernissage : 04/05 - 19h00



LMDJ Gallery 

Les Mémoires de Jacqmotte

Rue Blaes 92 - 1000 Brussels

open 11am to 06 pm

Closed Wednesday

Tel : +32-2-502 50 83

July 6 - 9 / 2018 - The Bridgehampton Museum - 2368 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton, NY


  Michele Mariaud Gallery


Hôte Gallery:
203 Rue Haute, Hoogstraat  
1000 Brussels


Yolanda & H                       Boris Mestchersky 

AAF Bruxelles

Galerie Begramoff

Exposition "Waves"

206 rue Stevin
B 1000 Brussels

T/F: +32 (0) 2 734 64 38
Mob: +32 (0) 470557110



CAPA Madrid


  Michele Mariaud Gallery



July 7 - 10, 2016 - The Bridgehampton Museum - 2368 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton, NY

Friday, April 29, 2016 — 11:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday, April 30, 2016 — 11:00am to 7:00pm
Sunday, May 1, 2016 — 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Solo - CAPA galery  Brussels and Madrid






CAPA Brussels :

rue de la Madelaine, 59 Magdalena steenweg - 1000 Brussels
TH. 14.04.2016, 6pm>9pm  
in the presence of the artists




CAPA Brussels :
15.04.2016 > 21.05.2016


CAPA Madrid :
02.06.2016 > 12.07.2016  



  Michele Mariaud Gallery,

  153 Lafayette Streetr, floor 4, NYC NY 10013


Public Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 6 pm 


Dear Friends and Art Lovers, 


We are proud to announce our upcoming exhibition HARMONY by YOLANDA & H.


april 23 > may 20


Yolanda Sanchez y de Vera and Hubert Roland, artists and couple in life, live and work in Brussels, Belgium. They will be present for the opening reception. 

Please join us with your friends on


from 5 to 10 pm 



We welcome also two new artists/musicians Patrizia Ames and Richard Bull who will have short musical performances during the event.

All the best! Until then,

MMPreview the ExhibitionRSVP before April 21




YOLANDA & H sculptures demonstrate the interconnection and reliance between all living forms. 

In some sculptures, like HEART, the bright, vivid fluorescent yellow light -glowing from within- is juxtaposed by the rigid, decaying Corten steel rusting away.  


Nature is symbolized by the striking yellow light; it is omnipresent and never fully overcome by the Corten steel representing human kind. This work bears witness to the significant conflict that is taking place before us. Refusing to be suppressed, the delicate form of nature radiates its fluorescent yellow aura against the steel.  



The dissonance between human production and the natural environment gives birth to mutated, hybrid forms: in BRAIN, human vital organs -strange and surreal- meld with the forms of sea animals.



Brain coral is a familiar structure...conjuring an association with human intelligence. However, the sculptures before us causes us to wonder, "What is our intention toward our universe?"



The work demonstrates the interconnection and reliance between all living forms. Within each of theCORAL pieces a kind of primal sap courses through the confluence of veins-calling to our attention the common origins of man and the natural world.   



The last part of the show portrays redemption and hope. The vital forces of nature and humanity live in perfect harmony; creating fantastic forms of unusual color and beauty. The synergy of both nature and human creations is made possible by the radical changes on the shapes and the color from within - dull tones of steel melt away into the energy and vitality of nature.  






Exposition réalisée avec le soutien de Wallonie-Bruxelles International.


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